Vinyl Garage Flooring - G-Floor Wholesale Garage Flooring
  • Coin Garage Flooring

    Coin Garage Flooring

    Beautiful, attractive and easy to install. Roll Out PVC coin garage flooring from Better Life Technology is a customer favorite.

  • G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floors

    G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floors

    Affordable yet elegant garage flooring that provides form and function. Attractive design that catches water as it falls

  • It's All About Options

    It's All About Options

    G-Floor garage flooring provides you with options so you can provide options for your customer. Happy customers = a growing business

  • Levant Garage & Trailer Flooring

    Levant Garage & Trailer Flooring

    The Levant pattern is smooth enough for a creeper but has enough of a texture to provide outstanding traction.

G-FloorVinyl Garage Flooring | G-Floor Wholesale

G-Floor Vinyl Garage Flooring from Better Life Technology is the original Roll-out Vinyl Garage flooring. BLT garage floor mats, commercial flooring and industrial flooring products, as well as their trailer flooring are manufactured in Emporia, Kansas. They are the only wide format PVC flooring product that is made in the USA.

This site is specifically for the wholesale purchase of BLT garage flooring products. You will not be able to view any wholesale pricing until your account has been approved. Once approved you will be provided a login and password and you will be able to see your prices for resale. Please note BLT has a strict minimum advertised price policy. You may not advertise the sale of the product to the end user below their MAP pricing.

Vinyl Garage Flooring Products

Ribbed Roll Out Flooring

The roll out flooring ribbed pattern is the original garage flooring product from BLT. It is available in 55 Mil residential grade and 75 Mil commercial grade. It is designed to channel water and debris and prevent it from spreading over your garage floor. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.

Coin Flooring Rolls

The Coin pattern floor mat from BLT is an attractive circle top roll out pvc flooring product. It is available in many widths and colors. Coin pattern flooring is stocked in a commercial grade and we have 9′ widths available in a trailer grade. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.

Diamond Tread Flooring

Our roll out tread pattern flooring is available in Black, Gray and Silver in limited sizes. It is available in our commercial grade as well as 9′ wide trailer grade material. It is perfect for that rugged looking garage. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.

Levant Flooring

The Levant pattern is most popular for commercial and trailer applications. It is only available in 9′ widths. It is a lightly textured product which makes it great for creepers, pallet jacks and office chairs. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.

Self Adhesive PVC Garage Floor Tiles

Our Raceday PVC garage floor tiles use the same adhesive we recommend for our mats in commercial and industrial applications — but it is per-applied. Raceday tiles are available in 12×12 and 24×24 squares in both diamond and Levant patterns. The diamond patterns features an extended color selection for a small up charge. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.

Installation Accessories

BLT offers a full line of installation accessories including seaming and edge strips, adhesives, seam tapes, top coats and other products designed to help you complete the professional installation. Click Here for Pricing & Additional Information.